How to increase Women percentage in the workforce.

Oil and gas industry has historically been considered a male bastion with  women accounting for just roughly 8% workforce in India and 22% globally. This further deteriorates as one move up the ladder with just 5% women occupying senior leadership position in the oil and gas sector in India.
Women also have a disproportionately low representation in technical jobs, where majority of them are restricted to desk.
Should companies, especially top management, take targeted steps towards addressing the skewed diversity ratio and ensuring fair participation of women in the sector as it would lead to better innovation and improved financial performance.

Fostering diversity in Energy Sector.

WIES is a voluntary group of professionals working together in the energy sector providing networking, advocacy, training, coaching and mentoring opportunities. It encourages involvement of both women and men at all levels of leadership to promote diversity & inclusion, talent management, unconscious bias etc. at work place.           
The mission of the group is to encourage collaborative working & having a dialogue on different working cultures in the energy sector, share industry knowledge, experiences on enacting positive organizational change and personal growth.
The forum brings together women in the energy sectors, along with male counterparts, from across the globe to contribute immensely towards sustainable energy development of energy sector.
In today’s world, women in energy are embraced and empowered to make a difference to business. However, there is still a lot of ground to cover, as women only account to around 10% of the global workforce in Energy …